Considered one of the most creative cooking show chefs on national T.V. Joe Ciminera has a long list of recognition from previous appointments with cooking shows beginning in 1999. He decided to try his talents in front of the small screen again with a cooking show called Taste This TV in 2003. The show quickly became popular and has filmed over 287 episodes. Ciminera's motto is "There are no rules in Cooking" a signature statement that has made him famous.

Ciminera's credits to TV are enormous. He is the Executive Producer to the following popular national series: The Flaming Greek, Stress Free Cooking, Sophisticated Comfort Food, and Southern Fried Fitness. In addition to cooking he is responsible for creating and launching the following reality shows that have aired nationally; Priority Mail, Get More and Don’t quit your day job.

Ciminera's book entitled "In The Weeds"; a volume of chef's tales has sold over 650,000 copies and His latest book, "Joseph Ciminera's New American Cooking" has sold and donated over 1 million copies.

He is also the creator for the popular food social media website "FoodyTV" A site dedicated to giving quick professional answers to culinary questions. His charity, "Food for Kids" helps hungry children around the United States. He created a program that helps children fight childhood obesity in 2009.

A fan of Horror films Ciminera created, directed and starred in his 2012 Sci-Fi thriller entitled, "Purification". A movie that had NO script. Over 250 people participated in the film with only direction and creativity. Critics across America raved that Purification is a break the mold Sci-Fi thriller. Purification will have its first Theatrical run on April 6th 2012.

Ciminera will be starting his next horror feature film venture in May 2012.